XBS Capabilities

IT Team Augmentation

Bridging Talent Gaps

Delivering desired outcomes require an optimized team, where each role is present and skilled. Whether it’s organizational transformation or project resourcing, supplementing your team’s skill sets with ours will bring in the talent to bridge the gaps, complete projects and achieve business goals.

Limited-Term Resources

Drive high resiliency and cost flexibility for organizational or project resource needs with pre-screened IT resources

Technology Support

Shore up IT support with skilled resources and cost predictability 

Managed Services

Expand capacity, cut expenses, and deliver more capabilities with outsourced services

XBS Capabilities

Digital Transformation

Cloud Technology – Why Now?

As the challenges of the current pandemic continue, businesses are shifting focus to workforce efficiency, business continuity, and the agility of applications to respond and adapt to the new normal.  Cloud technology delivers the accessibility of applications and data at any time, from any device, anywhere in the world. 

Business Transformation

Optimize your cloud strategy with the migration of data, applications and infrastructure to the cloud

Application Modernization

Grow business value by modernizing existing applications, or building new capabilities on the cloud

Hybrid Applications

Integrate on-premise applications with cloud services 

XBS Capabilities

Data Integration

Link and Optimize Technology and Data Assets

Connecting, transforming and utilizing data from different sources into an organized and unified view provides the business users with consistent access and delivery of data, and a complete picture of key performance and risk indicators

Enterprise Application and Data Integration

Increase application and data efficiencies with the integration and automation of workflows, and achieve steady continuity and predictability of data delivery across all applications and business processes 

Cross-Agency Integration

Automate data flows between different but interdependent agencies, and provide the critical need of consistent and accurate data across all systems and agencies

Cloud Integration

Integrate data assets with cloud services, increasing accessibility of unified, uniform data across the organization

XBS Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence That Integrates Data, Vision, and Strategy

To remain competitive and relevant, businesses have to keep innovating. The answers are in the data, and artificial intelligence will get them out.  Create new opportunities, improve existing processes, realize business goals by leveraging an AI approach. 

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Applied Intelligence

Identify new opportunities from key insights gained using a smarter, faster and more effective approach to collect, transform and analyze data

Smart Cities & IoT Devices

Discover business trends and risks with AI and smart IoT devices all connected to the cloud

Data Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics and data visualization to gain a deep understanding of your business and roadmap future  business strategies